The Association of Wirral Angling Clubs (AWAC) was formed in 1981 to assist the local authority in the management of council owned fisheries on Wirral and to ensure that the majority of anglers could have a say in the management of the fisheries.

The Association’s Management Committee and Bailiffs is formed by a group of dedicated volunteers. The maintenance of waters falling under the control of AWAC is provided by the members of the Affiliated Clubs.

At present, nine Affiliated Clubs form the Association. Representatives from each Affiliated Club, meets four times per year to ensure that the Association’s aims and objectives are being achieved.

The Association is responsible for the sale of fishing permits for the eight course fisheries that it manages as well as providing a match fishery for bona fide clubs within the Wirral area.

AWAC actively promotes fishing on Wirral by ensuring that it’s members adhere to the fisheries rules and regulations, through enforcement of local by-laws where necessary, and encourages the development of fishing etiquette by providing fishing workshops and literature.

Anyone who purchases a permit to fish any of the Local Authority owned waters on Wirral automatically becomes a member of AWAC for as long as the permit is valid, and must therefore adhere to the Associations rules when fishing.

Bailiffs from both the Association and from the Environment Agency patrol these fisheries to check that the necessary permits and rod licence have been obtained and that their rules and regulations are being adhered to.

AWAC will continue to manage and maintain these waters for the enjoyment and pleasure that fishing brings to so many people, and at the same time secure habitats for other animals such as the heron or kingfisher in areas which may otherwise fall into neglect, and become weed choked, polluted eyesores.

By maintaining these sites, the Association also improves the visual amenity of the waterways, to be enjoyed by all park users.

The tranquillity and awareness of nature all around that one experiences when fishing must give the angler one of the best reasons in the world not to do anything that would in any way harm this popular pastime – lets keep it that way.

The Association of Wirral Angling Clubs